Our Culture

Expedite Group has employees who are innovative, dependable, thorough and dedicated.

To each client's request, we bring individual thought and experience in order to provide the highest quality information. By combining creativity with good judgment, we provide our clients with reasoned options and solutions, giving them the confidence that with our help they are making the best and most informed decision.

Expedite Group is a creative environment. We work as a team and independently, we are collaborative and committed - we work together until the job is done. Our culture allows us to create concrete solutions to all types of requests from the ordinary to extraordinary.

We are proud and passionate about what we do. We respect each other and strive to go above and beyond what is expected of us. We respond to clients and vendors with professionalism, integrity and honesty.

If you feel you have not experienced the customer care and satisfaction you deserve, please let us know. Client feedback is very important to us and is the cornerstone of our company. Email us at request@expeditegroup.com or call us at 919.303.0774 | 800.322.9211.

"This is a wonderful service and I feel it demonstrates my company's desire to retain productive workers."