Our Team

Our Team - Jamie Rohrbauck

Jamie Rohrbauck

Jamie grew up in Syracuse, NY and moved to North Carolina in 1996. After graduating from North Carolina State's College of Management, Jamie spent many years in outside sales in both the oil industry and telecom. In 2009 Jamie started her first company Dust and Mop, LLC; a residential and janitorial cleaning company. After successfully growing Dust and Mop, she decided that she wanted to help individuals in a new way. In 2014 Jamie acquired Expedite Group. "I am very excited about the future of Expedite Group and the services we have to offer Corporations not only in the Triangle area but across the nation. We have a very unique offering and a fun service that gets employees excited and engaged." Jamie and her husband Matt have a son Nate. Their two dogs Reece and Sydney complete their family. Jamie enjoys going to the gym, running and giving back to the community through charities.

Our Team - Barbara Nagel

Barbara Nagel, National Corporate Sales Manager

Barbara Nagel is in charge of making your employees and tenants happy. Barbara is dedicated to spreading the word about Expedite Group services and promoting company culture. "We have such a unique offering for corporations and property management companies. I particularly enjoy talking about and selling our errand running services." Barbara has a background in both corporate sales and management. She enjoys spending time with her granddaughter and fixing "stuff" around the house.

Our Team - Rachel Peeler

Rachel Peeler, Virtual Rachel

Rachel Peeler has been with Expedite Group from the very beginning. She is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in business administration. Rachel is happily married to Brian and is very busy with their three children - two boys, Daniel and a girl, Lorraine. Scrap-booking or reading paired with a good cup of coffee is what Rachel enjoys, but with three kids and working for Expedite Group - it's hard to fit that in her busy schedule!

"Never worked for a company that offered this benefit. I find it to be very beneficial and time-saving. Thank you."