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Expedite Group provides errand running services to employees.  What are some examples of errands? 


Examples of Errands:

Grocery Store

Sam's Club



Post Office

Dry Cleaning Pickup


Party Supply Store

ABC Store


Expedite Group has been hired to provide an amazing concierge service for employees.  Take advantage of  errand running services.  Did you forget something at the grocery store over the weekend, are you having a party, need a cake picked up for a birthday celebration?  We will do all this and more for you on your pre selected errand running days. Errands must be within a 5 mile radius.  Stores must accept a credit card for payment.   

Did you know you have your own personal assistant right at your finger tips?
Just for being an employee, we can offer you personal errand running services.  Do you need a login for our website?  Contact or email